Road safety on rural roads

Søren Underlien Jensen, November 2018

This publication describes safety performance functions, accident modification factors, and so on for rural roads – links, junctions and roundabouts in Denmark.

Safety performance functions have been estimated for 2-lane road links, 3- and 4-armed signalised junctions, 3- and 4-armed priority junctions and 4-armed roundabouts. A safety performance function describes relationships between road safety and exposure for a very specific variant of the link or junction type leading to almost causal relationships between safety and exposure.

Accident modification factors describe how road safety changes as road or junction design or traffic regulation is altered. Combining safety performance functions and accident modification factors enables planners to estimate expected numbers of accidents and injuries for most parts of the rural road network.

This publication also includes a user manual for calculation tools, which may estimate expected numbers of accidents and injuries for all link and junction types. The accident modification factors are part of these tools, so the user may alter the design of the rural road network, and see how this affects safety.

Link to publication: Road safety on rural roads

Link to calculation tools: Rural link tool and Rural junction tool

Link to Danish report: Uheldsmodeller, sikkerhedsfaktorer og værktøjer for landevejsnettet