Safety evaluation of 2+1 roads

Thomas Skallebæk Buch, december 2015


The report presents results from a safety evaluation of 2+1 roads. The evaluation includes about 91 km 2+1 roads. 177 accidents and 63 injuries occurred on these roads during the years 2009-2013.

Accident and injury rates are calculated and compared to rates based on a reference group consisting of 2-laned highways.

Expressways designed as 2+1 roads have higher accident rates than expressways in the reference group while injury rates are on the same level. Accident and injury rates are lower on 2+1 roads than on comparable roads in the reference group when looking at other highways than expressways.

Especially, the accident rate for solo accidents is lowest on 2+1 roads compared to the reference group.

2+1 roads can be divided into sections with 2+1 profile and transition sections. The accident rate is lower on sections with 2+1 profile than on transition sections while the injury rate is lowest on transition sections.


The report is in danish but with an english summary.



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