Country Report, Denmark 2015 - ISHGD Vancouver 2015

K. Kjemtrup, L. Herrstedt, Paper from 5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design, June 2015

The Danish Guidelines for Geometric design of roads in rural areas were forwarded to formal enquiry in 2010 and finished in 2013. The wish of designing the roads as selfexplaining roads, and the need to ensure a more efficient management of the roads including traffic safety and a high degree of passability during road works lead to a reduction of the 17 road types to 6 basic road types.

The new basic road types has been developed on the basis of comprehensive research and development. The Guidelines for roundabouts has been revised due to an extensive international literature study - a detailed before-after safety evaluation and models of safety effects of converting intersection to roundabouts.The evaluation shows how central island size and height, circulating lane width and shape, design of splitter islands, width of entry and exit lanes, angle and distance between arms, sight distance to the roundabout, bicycle facilities, pre-warning, direction signs and road markings influence safety effects.

In the aim to keep the low speed at roadwork zones (80km/h on motorways and 50km/h on other roads) speed reducing measures has been developed and tested. Accidents at roadwork zones are often caused by high speed and inattention.

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