Safety effects of staggering of stop lines (in Danish but with English summary)

Thomas Skallebæk Buch, Søren Underlien Jensen, December 2012

This report provides a before-after accident study of 123 signal-controlled junctions with staggered stop lines in 189 of the arms implemented in the period 1997-2009. The junctions investigated are located in five municipalities: Copenhagen,Frederiksberg, Gentofte, Herlev and Aalborg, out of which 106 are located in Copenhagen.

No other reconstructions have been implemented in the junctions. In total, 1,313 accidents with 412 personal injuries have been included in the study.

312-accidents between a bicycle/moped and a motor vehicle entering from an arm, where the stop line has been staggered, represent 110 of the 1,313 accidents as well as 42 of the personal injuries.

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