Safety effect of town gates - The transition zone from rural to urban areas. (in Danish with English summary)

Puk Kristine Andersson, Belinda la Cour Lund, Poul Greibe, Lene Herrstedt, July 2008

In transition zones from rural to urban areas the speed of vehicles need to be reduced in order to adapt to the entering urban zone. This may be done in various ways e.g. by means of a town gate marking the change between urban and rural areas. In this connection, a town gate comprises an urban zone sign (E 55) complemented by one or more visual and/or physical measures.

The question is whether town gates with physical speed reducers cause road safety problems - and in the affirmative, how to design a town gate which is adequately road safe.

The purpose of this examination is to carry out an analysis of accidents at existing Danish town gates in transition zones between rural and urban areas.

The analysis has been carried out by Trafitec, in association with the Danish Road Directorate.

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